Antique Pattern Library Catalog

Hundreds of years of needlework and yarncraft patterns, all for free!


Here are some of the wonderful free vintage publications from the awe-inspiring Antique Pattern Library Catalog. I can’t recommend this site highly enough. Do yourself a favour; put your feet up, grab a cup of tea, and settle in for a good rummage through the patterns.

Antique Pattern Library Catalog

If, like me you are a huge fan of both string and history then this site is a treasure trove. It’s like a really old second-hand bookstore; you might have to do a bit of hunting around to find the gems but it’s totally worth it.

I recently taught myself the basics of doily making out of a 1935 guide to thread crochet that I found on this site. And everything is downloadable! It’s a true labour of love.

The Antique Pattern Library is much like that other Cave Of Wonders,  Project Gutenberg.

On the home page of the Pattern Library, click on the catalog tab.  Then click on the technique tab and choose the type of pattern you are looking for.  Do not let the fact that many of the pattern books are not in English worry you, just find yourself a translation tool at Google. After all, with patterns, the pictures really are the most important part.

All of the patterns are free for you to use as they are no longer under copyright.  However, you do not own the pattern.  The person who approved the scan owns the pattern, thus is technically the copyright holder according to the Creative Common Licensing regulations.

If you decide to use one of the pattern, you must give the total reference including title of the work, original author, and the owner of the hard copy. Easy -peasy and totally worth the little bit of extra work. 🙂
I hope you enjoy!

Baba StringThings (aka Renata from Winnipeg)

Author: Baba StringThings

I am a middle-aged mother of three grown-up sons, a thrifty, creative, and dedicated born-again spinster, and I have a serious string addiction. I teach crochet, knitting, bobbin lacemaking, hand-embroidery, weaving, spinning, kumihimo, darning, mending, and how to upcycle clothing. When I'm not doing that I pretty much play with string. All. The. Time. And I have an unholy love of Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Antique Pattern Library Catalog”

    1. Enjoy your fall down the pattern rabbit hole! And thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I am a brand new blogger and I absolutely treasure getting to “meet” other bloggers – especially such a near neighbour ❤


    1. We really are neighbours! My folks used to live in St Paul and I always loves the driving directions. Get onto Pembina Highway and go straight until you reach Fargo. Hang a right onto the I-94E and then go straight until you reach Minneapolis/St Paul.

      Boom, that’s it!
      I adore this area of the world 🙂

      Lots of love,
      Baba StringThings


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