Does Anyone Else Rescue Abandoned Craft Projects?

Finding a half finished and abandoned craft project always makes me so sad…

Finding a half finished and abandoned craft project always makes me so sad…

I always wonder what happened? Did the crafter just get bored? Or did someone’s mother  get old, and in the process of sorting their stuff out, a son or daughter decided to donate a half completed project?

I always feel that there is a tragedy there.

My newest rescue

cat embroidery 2
I bet you can tell what colours I added!

So this is my newest rescue. I found this project, all in sad woollen browns, nicely framed up on stretcher bars with a needle rusting in the cloth.

The colours used were so amazingly dull that I feel that it is very possible that the colour palette simply bored the crafter into a stupor. I didn’t remove any of the stitches, I am just continuing on in my own way.

I like to think that this canvas heaved a great sigh of relief since being rescued from my local thrift shop by a caring needlewoman such as myself. 😉

WIPs On The Go

Of course, I have plenty of embroidery projects on the go already. I really didn’t need another one! I like to work on whatever interests me  for a while and then change every so often. It keeps everything fresh and there is always a plethora of projects to choose from. Somehow it all gets done eventually.

Here is a little gallery of my stitching projects in progress:


So, what WIPs do you have on the go? Remember, there are no such thing as UFOs (Unfinished Objects) only WIPs (Works in Progress!)

Giving up on the fear of not finishing everything ‘promptly’ enough, and learning to be all about the process and not the product, has been a big part of discovering the Zen of String for me.

Lots of love from Winnipeg,

Baba StringThings

Author: Baba StringThings

I am a middle-aged mother of three grown-up sons, a thrifty, creative, and dedicated born-again spinster, and I have a serious string addiction. I teach crochet, knitting, bobbin lacemaking, hand-embroidery, weaving, spinning, kumihimo, darning, mending, and how to upcycle clothing. When I'm not doing that I pretty much play with string. All. The. Time. And I have an unholy love of Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else Rescue Abandoned Craft Projects?”

  1. Gorgeous! You definitely brightened up the piece! I always wonder what happens too. A few months ago, I stumbled across an old library card catalog box of recipes at a thrift shop. Of course I had to save it. 🙂 From the box’s contents, I learned her name- found her obituary online even. It is sad. I see birth and marriage samplers ALL THE TIME at thrift stores. Why would someone give away something like that?! Of course it has to be a tragic tale. I think it’s great you saved it!


    1. Hi Amy,

      A fellow rescuer!

      I would have rescued those recipes too, how could anyone give that away? It really is tragic.

      My grandmother’s recipes are with my sister and I have the copy of the Settlement Cookbook that she got when she was married in 1940. And every precious textile that my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s made is still in the family, just as it should be. It should be that way for everyone…

      Thank you for your kind words and btw, I love your blog! ❤


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