Simple Crafternoon Pleasures

I taught five beginners to crochet today!

A stitch in time saves nine!

Today was an awesome day. It didn’t start well, but it improved rapidly.

On my way to teach at my Crafternoon group, while getting on my first bus, I stepped on the hem of my brand new dress and it tore in several places. Luckily, I had my needlework chatelaine pinned to my apron and a good assortment of thread on me. So while waiting for my second bus I sat on the grass under a tree and mended the holes.

People walking by looked at me as if I were performing an arcane bit of magic.  A needle and thread! What is she doing? Two minutes later a quick and dirty repair job was done. I got a huge kick out of the teens trying to figure out if I was actually sewing or doing a bit of performance art. It was a small but real pleasure.

A Stitch in Time, William Henry Margetson, 1915.

When I got to my destination I quickly crocheted three round crochet patches with a 1 cm hook and embroidery floss and covered the holes, a nice little bit of visible mending. As usual, I like my dress better now with the patches! Another simple pleasure.

Three tiny crochet patches on my dress. Renata Bursten, 08/16.

Just as I finished,people started wandering in.We had two people doing kumihimo, one sketching, one doing a multimedia piece, and somehow five people decided that they all wanted to learn how to crochet. At one time!

I have never taught more then two complete beginners how to crochet at one time. But when teaching confidence (or at least the impression of it) is key. Along with enthusiasm, encouragement, cheerleading and patience!

Anyway, by the end of the class all five of them (four right handed, and one lovely lefty) could do a slip knot, hold their yarn properly, chain easily, and adjust their tension. We were all so happy, and I got a real teaching high 🙂

And I managed to teach a charming intermediate student how to read a crochet chart and how to make a basic granny square simultaneously. And usually, I am a really really crappy multitasker;-) It was so good to see their successes. It is what makes teaching such a pleasure.

Crafting Circle
Crafting together in a group is a simple but precious pleasure. ❤

There is something so special about crafting in a group, something that is so healthy and uplifting and positive. I think the whole world would be much improved by a few fibre-loving Crafternoon groups.

It was a good day of crafting and teaching, and I hope you all had a wonderful day too! 🙂


Baba StringThings

Author: Baba StringThings

I am a middle-aged mother of three grown-up sons, a thrifty, creative, and dedicated born-again spinster, and I have a serious string addiction. I teach crochet, knitting, bobbin lacemaking, hand-embroidery, weaving, spinning, kumihimo, darning, mending, and how to upcycle clothing. When I'm not doing that I pretty much play with string. All. The. Time. And I have an unholy love of Pinterest.

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